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View our growing Case Study Library and find out how other companies are putting our new Internet technologies to use!

ExtraNetworks has partnered with ONTOP Systems- a leading supplier of business accounting software.

News Flash!
Extranetworks announces the general release of the CreditPort system, becoming the first to offer online consumer credit reports and approvals for use by business! Click Here to experience a live demo.

Instant Global Networks:
Internet Applications
Use Internet based applications to extend your business to remote offices and mobile workers.
Data Management
Utilize Internet applicaitons which share data without high resources.
Secure E-Commerce and Data
Highly secure Internet database warehouses can let you share data with business partners and distant employees.

Quality Applications and Design:
Online Credit Reports
You can now access your customer's credit report instantly... online! Save time and money with CreditPort.
Web Site Design and Marketing
ExtranetWorks can get you online fast. We can give you a world class image on the Internet.

Loan Money with Confidence:
Use CreditPort for easy, online credit access.

ExtraNetworks News

Learn how ExtraNetworks helped Jubitz and FedEx share logistics information over the Internet...

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