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ExtranetWorks has partnered with ONTOP Systems- a leading supplier of business accounting software.

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Internet Application Development

What keeps your staff up at night?

  • How to build applications to tie your remote offices and mobile workers into the corporate computing system?
  • How to provide corporate-wide applications while waiting for the multi-year ERP initiative to roll out?
  • How to make LAN-based SFA applications work for a mobile sales staff?
  • How to provide relevant reporting and information to multiple locations?
  • How to quickly roll out Internet and Intranet applications without a huge budget or multiple quarter time tables?

These are the problems ExtranetWorks takes on. Robust solutions that integrate with what you’ve got, and Fortune 500-proven technology and consultants that build applications on fast order and within budgets that often fall within department non-capital spending limits.

Talk to us and let’s see what we can do together.

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