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Demonstration Program
This easy to use application allows access to a variety of example Internet application programs developed by ExtranetWorks Corporation.

How does it work?
ExtranetWorks Corporation builds Internet server software that coordinates users requests with the computing system of the entire enterprise. By building applications that run on the server, the client (out in the field or at a remote site), can use their web browser as the application interface. There are no worries about sending software to users in the field, low support costs, and little training required.

As the user requests information, ExtranetWork's server software determines what data, business logic and forms need to be sent to the user. The server dynamically creates HTML pages with Java controls to emulate the look and feel of an application that is deployed on the user's computer.

ExtranetWorks server also interacts with backend systems to provide Internet access to corporate and legacy data that may be needed in the field. In this way, ExtranetWork's server system allows enterprise-wide collaboration of information and technology.

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