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ExtranetWorks Solutions

If you need extranetworking applications (commonly built using the Internet or your Intranet), talk to us about building robust solutions that will work for you.

Any successful application solution requires the collaboration of technology and services, but Internet based applications require security as well. It is a major component of our system because it is so important to our customers.

What kind of projects are extranet projects? At a high level, any application that needs to be deployed to and used by remote offices, workers and business partners. In essence, anywhere in the world you want to conduct business.

Applications can be full-featured systems that incorporate the business processes of the entire organization, to our specialty: building applications that solve a particular business need.

Good candidates include electronic commerce, webstores, enterprise resource planning, demand chain and supply chain management and integration.

What makes our solutions so versitile is the technology behind it. Including a full-featured, Internet application broker. No one builds more robust, secure applications faster or more cost effectively than ExtranetWorks Corporation.

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Sample applications are available showing the capability of our technology.

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