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ExtranetWorks Service

The Service Factor

Service is key to our business and the reason we have developed so many good customer relationships. Service is more than a contemporary buzz-word, it is a vision and strategy that enables our customers to get the help they need when they need it—in essence a guarantee of not just customer satisfaction, but customer success!

Comprehensive Offerings

Without being intrusive, we can provide our customers with professional consulting, project management, development teams, training, and deployment. Our solution is comprehensive because it is part of our time-tested e-xtranet development methodology (edm). Projects are managed by an experienced project manager who pulls in the resources from both ExtranetWorks and our customers.

Development Methodology

EDM ensures customer staff involvement and buy-in as examples of often overlooked elements of a successful project. Tasks are tracked by the project manager and weekly status reports delivered to the client. EDM ensures that all tasks are identified and completed on time.

EDM contains major components of traditional development methodologies, including Analysis, Design, Coding, and Deployment. The difference in EDM is that it matches our object-oriented development strategy and allows business processes to be coded and deployed before the entire project is completed. This aids customers in seeing an immediate return on investment and reduces total cost of ownership.

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