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ExtranetWorks Security

"Security Is Paramount"

That's what our customers tell us. The fact that security has not been the problem it could be makes it that much more important--you certainly don't want to make headlines for being the first to have major security problems. All ExtranetWorks solutions have many levels of security, making it very difficult to break into data from an ExtranetWorks system.

Security Levels

Key to ExtranetWorks solutions is our ability to provide security at many levels.

1. Secure Socket Layers
Applications take advantage of SSL’s at application or procedure level, providing secure encryption and authentication by trusted sources.

2. User ID and Password for application access
Keep users out of the application altogether with a security scheme that prevents access to the executable. Login security can be setup at different levels with different capabilities based on user rights.

3. User ID and Password for procedure / business process access
Based on user levels, "doorways" can be setup which allow access to only specific procedures or business processes based on a user’s "rights".

4. Destructible user directory so work is deleted after use
What’s left over when your user is done working? Users can be dynamically assigned a data directory that is immediately erased after they log out of the system, eliminating tell-tale information from the eyes of the most experienced hacker.

5. Push technology to prevent directory access to data and applications
The application broker tracks security for all users and ensures that all security requirements are met before interaction with data is allowed. Users do not communicate with databases directly. All access is done through the application broker.

6. Collaboration with firewall hardware and software
ExtranetWorks solutions always work in collaboration with firewalls and standard security measures to ensure your security system’s integrity.

7. Secure encapsulation of business objects containing data and presentation logic
ExtranetWorks ’s business object technology (the bundling of data, business logic, and application presentation) is always secure through encryption, compression and authentication.

8. Encryption and compression of data and applications
Data and application encryption and compression can be done on both the client and server.

9. User authentication
User authentication is used to ensure that users are who they say they are. This can be done at numerous levels from cookies, to static IP addresses, to login security.

10. Proprietary encryption of data caches on both client and server
While data is waiting to be sent from the server to client, or client to server, caches of information can be secured through encryption and also user passwords that make the data impossible to read except for those that have the keywords to unlock it.

11. Extensive logging capabilities
Depending on how much security you need, logging can be done from simple IP address, user ID and password, to logging every procedure and action performed.

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