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ExtranetWorks Technology

ExtranetWorks technology centers around our Java Application Broker, or JAB. JAB is an Internet server application that controls the communication sessions of remote users, the business logic and data they need to do their tasks, and the integration with existing databases and systems.

As remote locations and mobile workers connect to the JAB, data and application content are dynamically created and sent to the user, in response to the business process they are working on.

For instance, if a user wants to create a purchase order for office supplies, JAB uses the identity of the user to determine what purchasing they can do, and what happens to the PO after it is completed. A graphic artist may have a purchasing catalog of supplies they can order, whereas the programmer has a list of development products they can order. Neither are allowed to order from the others catalog. Both may be required to have a managers approval before submitting, but a manager simply needs to enter the general ledger account number containing the pre-approved budget.

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